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The Women Behind Women Aware – Meet Gisela

The new Housing Navigator for Women Aware, Gisela is inspired by survivors of domestic violence and amazed by their resilience and courage. She is most passionate about helping people and fighting for immigrants’ rights. Her favorite place in the world is Mexico where she is content to lay on the beach, look at the ocean and enjoy beef tacos. That being said, the best meal she’s ever eaten was “parillada” (barbecue) at El Gourmet Porteno in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If she could go anywhere in the world, Gisela would visit Spain to taste their Jamon Iberico and Paella. If given the opportunity to trade places with someone, she would step into the shoes of Kylie Jenner “just to use all her make up!” The last book she read was Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. When asked about a secret talent, this once- professional child performer said she is a “pretty decent actress” and appeared on television a few times. A case that has special meaning for Gisela is that of a young woman (Gisela’s own age) who came to the shelter with her two-year old daughter. Her parents had arranged her marriage and she was the victim of severe abuse. Gisela remembers her as “one of the most beautiful, strong and brave women I’ve ever met. Her daughter was incredibly smart and happy. They both, now, live in peace in their apartment.”