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The Women Behind Women Aware – Meet Caitlin

Child Advocate

As Women Aware’s Child Advocate, Caitlin draws inspiration from her mom and grandmother, resilient survivors who have been generous with guidance and love throughout her life. Caitlin’s passion for women’s and children’s rights ignites her commitment to social justice and social change. Her favorite place in the world is Barcelona, Spain for its rich culture, art and music. She would love to visit Cuba and the best meal she’s ever eaten is fresh Alaskan salmon. If possible, she would trade places with her kitten, Rosie, or her Portuguese waterdog, Hugo, and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation. Her secret talent? Irish step dancing.

One particular client holds a special place in Caitlin’s heart. She is a mother of four who stayed at the safe house and has transitioned to the support group. At the safe house, Caitlin and her client would have heart-to-heart talks to provide emotional support. Today, this client is flourishing in support group, recognizing that her ability to express more openly how she feels is a testament to her own strength, resilience, and growth. Working with Caitlin, her children have become more confident and ready for futures full of promise. Caitlin quoted Shel Silverstein, “Anything can happen, child, anything can be.”