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Women Aware

Women Aware Participates in Public Art Project

A brown box centered under white flowing cloth suspended in the air. A light is eminating from cloth.

NEW BURNSWICK–Windows of Understanding, a public art project rooted in social justice, returns January 21-February 28 to more than 30 storefronts throughout New Brunswick and Highland Park. Artists paired with non-profit organizations interpret the question “How do we see through hate?” and transform local businesses into windows of understanding.

Mahsa Biglow, a master’s level student at the Rutgers Mason Gross School of Art, was matched with Women Aware. The artist created a “warm,” “glorious” and “epic” installation of femininity, strength, and safety through textiles (pictured).

Biglow writes: “This piece is dedicated to Women Aware, an organization that has served domestic violence survivors in Middlesex County, NJ since 1981. The open letter that accompanies this work speaks to the some of the origins of domestic violence identified by the artist: gender bias, patriarchy, and misogyny. I strongly believe a less gendered society would have fewer domestic violence cases, therefore, this letter is trying to bring a sexless, imaginary Utopia to the reader’s attention. Women Aware envisions a society where individuals can live free from violence and injustice and this artwork depicts an abstracted monument for that society. Using delicate fabrics and warm light as a metaphor for a safe house, shelter, home, or womb, this piece offers an invitation for the audience to celebrate the courage of domestic violence survivors while also demanding support for them by raising awareness about domestic violence and services for survivors.”

You can see Biglow’s installation and learn more about Women Aware’s mission at the American Hungarian Foundation (AHF)​, 300 Somerset Street New Brunswick, Tuesday-Friday 10-3 or Saturday 9:30-1 until February 28th.

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