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Destacado del personal – Conoce a Lisa

Lisa is the Overnight Safe House Advocate for Women Aware. Lisa draws inspiration from her mother and the other women in her life, and is most passionate about helping others, niños, and art. She has two favorite places, her room and the Dominican Republic, but, if she could visit anywhere in the world, she would travel to Thailand or Cuba. Her favorite meal is white rice and roasted pork with sweet plantains. The last book Lisa read wasHome Body,” a book of poems by Rupi Kaur. If she could trade places with one person for one day, Lisa would swap with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Lisa’s work in Women Aware’s emergency shelter connects her with many clients, and there is one story that is especially meaningful to her. A former client lost custody of their child because of the abuser; when this happened, the client felt like they lost everything. Although the client was having a difficult time with the abuser and the courts, the client showed a lot of courage and pushed through. Lisa provided support through these difficult times. Seeing this client grow and reunite with their child, and witness both their bright smiles, warmed Lisa’s heart.