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Destacado del personal – Conoce a Maliha

As Director of Client Services, Maliha is most inspired by both her parents, “amazing people who taught me how to love and be loved.” Being a mother herself, she appreciates the sacrifices her “ami” (mom) made raising Maliha and her siblings so far away from family in Pakistan. Her “abu” (father) worked tirelessly to fulfill his dream of giving his children the best education and making sure all their needs were met. Maliha’s favorite place in the world is Florence, Italia. Si pudiera ir a cualquier parte del mundo, however, it would be on safari in Kenya to see the beauty and wildlife up close. The last book she read was The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander in her pursuit of a better understanding of inequality and disparity in our society. Women’s rights issues are Maliha’s passion: “I am a proud feminist who believes in the equality of all people. We are not done fighting until we are all free.” She would trade places with her toddler son, Gabriel, for a day if she could, admiring his ability to find joy in the smallest things. The best meal she ever ate is “a seafood lover’s dream come true,” Cioppino at Strega Waterfront in Boston. Maliha discovered something about herself during the COVID-19 pandemic: she can cook and bake pretty well and finds both activities to be de-stressors. One of Maliha’s most meaningful experiences at Women Aware dates back to her early days as a case manager. A client, who referred to Maliha as her granddaughter, taught Maliha about the dynamics of domestic violence and living with a disability. “I had the honor to help her move into her own apartment, transitioning successfully from the safe house.”