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Las mujeres detrás de las mujeres conscientes – Conoce a Maria

Women Aware’s Chief Operating Officer shared a quote from a book she recently read, Becoming, by Michelle Obama: “For every door that’s been opened to me, I’ve tried to open my door to others.” Maria is inspired every day by her children, Nadia and Olivia. Her favorite place in the world is anywhere near a quiet beach. Maria is passionate about many things, namely her work. “I love what we do! I believe we can be a pathway to healing, to a better tomorrow.” She loves to travel and enjoys soccer tournaments, roller coasters and hikes. If she could switch places with someone, Maria might choose a pilot as “it would be cool to fly through the sky.” For Maria, the best part about a good meal is sharing them with good people. She loves having tapas with friends back home (Spain). Top of her places to visit is Cappadocia in Turkey to see the hot air balloons take flight. Su talento secreto? Maria can play the bagpipes. Cuando se le preguntó sobre un caso que tiene un significado especial para ella, Maria shared, “I’ve learned a lot working here. People are resilient; the abuse is just a part of them, but they are much more. The best part of my job is getting a call from a former client and asking if I am still around or just calling to say that they are fine.” She shared an example of a message from a client, “I just closed on my house. My boys are part of the church choir and sing every day. I am writing a book…We are happy and I pray that you all are still there, there to help.”