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Women Aware Celebrates Leadership Anniversary

Board of Directors and Staff Congratulate CEO Phyllis Yonta

March 1, 2022

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Women Aware, it is my pleasure to congratulate Chief Executive Officer Phyllis Yonta on her 15-year leadership anniversary!

I began serving on the board shortly after Phyllis’s hire. From the beginning, it was clear Phyllis had strong and effective management skills. The “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” slogan, hung outside Phyllis’s office, is her motto. The Women Aware staff works as a team, putting the clients first above all else, and I’m sure her excellent supervisors appreciate that micromanaging is not Phyllis’s style.

Serving as the Women Aware board president continues to be a privilege. Working alongside Phyllis, listening to her advice and impressive knowledge, has taken the stress away from my position and fostered a productive relationship between the Board and management.

Phyllis has proven her dedication to the rights of victims of domestic violence. She leads the agency by way of years of experience and compassion for Women Aware’s clients. It is an honor to know Phyllis in any capacity.

Diane Palmer, Board President

Pictured above are Board President Diane Palmer, CEO Phyllis Yonta, Board Treasurer Matthew Flannery, and Board Vice President Jessica Oppenheim.