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Destacado del personal – Conoce a Susana

Susanne is Women Aware’s PALS (Paz: Una solución aprendida) Coordinator. She draws inspiration from her daughter, Madison, who meets every day with resiliency, bravery, fuerza, joy, and love, despite the many medical challenges she faces. Susanne wishes she could trade places with her daughter to see the world through Madison’s eyes. In this way, she could better understand her daughter’s challenges and needs so Susanne could be Madison’s best mom and advocate. Susanne’s favorite place in the world is Italy, particularly Venice, and looks forward to the day she can return. She has her sights set on visiting Vienna to explore her family’s history; Norway, to see the Northern Lights; Alaska, to hike glaciers; and Peru, to tour Machu Pichu. The best meal Susanne ever ate was at the Prickly Pear Cay off the coast of Anguilla where she enjoyed curried mahi, rice and peas, and Caribbean lobster. Susanne’s secret talent? She was an opera singer and performed off-Broadway in musical theater. Her true passion is advocating and providing supportive services for survivors, for students requiring IEPs (Individualized Education Plans), and for families facing medical challenges. Every family that comes through PALS has meaning for Susanne, but she chose just one to share. A client was not only working through the family violence witnessed, but also facing bullying at school and negative self-talk. Over the course of a few sessions, this client wrote down all the negative thoughts and words she heard, then used art materials to build a fire of art, burning the negative words to ash. Next, the client wrote a song filled with words of affirmation, hope, and strength. Through the creative arts, this client found a way to heal her wounds and discover her inner strength and resiliency.