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Staff Spotlight – Meet Melissa

Coordinator of Advocacy Services, Melissa is inspired by her mom to be a hard worker and to give everything her best. She is forever grateful to her mom, who, as a single parent, worked two jobs to provide for Melissa and her sister. Melissa is deeply passionate about helping others and joy-filled at assisting the people who count on her to be there for them. Her home island of Puerto Rico is her favorite place in the world for its culture, music, food and beautiful beaches. Topping Melissa’s list of must-visit places is Cuba. She feels called to learn more about Cuban culture and to experience its music and food. Speaking of food, Melissa says you are missing out if you have not enjoyed the fried mac and cheese at the Cheesecake Factory. If she could trade places for a day, she would switch with her dog Chanel to experience what it’s like to be cared for, sleep and play all day without a care in the world. Her secret talent is dancing, especially to salsa music. The most recent book Melissa read was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. “I consider myself a hopeless romantic and really enjoy the romance genre.” In her work as an advocate, Melissa holds a special place in her heart for a survivor of domestic violence who came to Women Aware not knowing what to do and scared to take any action. “With our continued support and legal advocacy, our client was able to take action and start a new life, violence free, with her daughter. It brings warmth to my heart to know that our support and advocacy can really make a difference in our clients’ lives.”